Summer 2018


Austyn Wohlers
Garrett Biggs
A Cryogenic State
Samuel Rafael Barber
Report from Dresden


Rennie Ament
The New-England Girl’s Song About Thanksgiving Day
Winner of the Yellowwood Poetry Prize
Paula Mendoza
Two Poems
Runner-up for the Yellowwood Poetry Prize
Joseph Johnson
An Almanac
Runner-up for the Yellowwood Poetry Prize
Madison McCartha
from Freakophone World
Haesong Kwon
Two Poems
Carolyn Bergonzo
Never Converge
Gina Keicher
Logan Fry
Three Poems
Kirsten Ihns
an info to cherish
Lucas Bernhardt
from The Turkey Hen
Charles Gabel
from Oracular Organism
Sarah Matthes
Two Poems


  Cover art: "Sprouts"   Issue art: "Onion Tears"   Artwork courtesy of Tess Beauchamp-Rheault. Tess Beauchamp-Rheault is a painter out of Portland, OR. Her work investigates gender, race and the physiological state through interior spaces. She received her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Oregon College of Art and Craft where she was a Gamblin Paint Awardee and received the Lemelson Scholarship.