Two Poems

Haesong Kwon






Her people are kid goats

asleep on the vinyl floor of a room.


Scattered and sprawled

they’re close and innocent.


They have a power.

Many of her peers


have declared her anathema.

They’re trying to take away


the tattered stupa

but her people are ready


to defend, to revolt.

A Seon monk


she is a mother of two.

They have a power.


One man is the father

of a television star.










“Later, we will get town

noodle soup,” said Grandpa.





said the Buddha.


I knew the statue had peed on me

and felt the top of my head.


I sensed the tadpoles in the stream.









HAESONG KWON’S chapbook, “Many Have Fallen,” is forthcoming from Cutbank Books. He lives in Shiprock, New Mexico and teaches at Dine’ College. He was born in Incheon, Korea.