an info to cherish

Kirsten Ihns




a lot of it


collected what fell on the ground


just as a puzzle


seven thousand people are watching it now


for in it miraculous, by only and things


the region grew so lately fatal



coming up cruxes, coming up spring, the sign


conquer by signs, the tulip bulbs and daffodils


yes, but where is it that you work


to watch and grow


a scent in the air, utter and ordinary,


i developed an expanded box of senses


sense of the type, the beauty, function


of hearing bent to other purpose, dim


what is the pan, be taken thus


at minimal angles


absolute extremely harm is pretty


aweful and surprising as it breaks across the screen


imagine your neighbor naked and mowing


i use the hottest water


for this i live with the ambulances passing by


buying an infinite pen, & a fringe of Georgia window


good luck for all French bread, they say


calm and slicing. wat if sun is risne


rinse, phenomenal addition


nominal math and math


can in new pleasure

i will star with another person

day, or trying to improve


that until everyone die, amazing music

it is nice to meet ppl

meanwhile, some girl is wasting paper

i detach the elasticated waist of my underwear


glitching stream

froot loop

organic fruit delivered to your door

the spoor of wild creatures cast upon the heath

the first time i have seen an ass in traces

a video you can edit again and again

approaching no nearer edge

are you a faith person’s

princely hologram

tide knocked knees

he said prepare the waiter cress i said ok

i did an experimentation with the wall paper

i said we can make it like a screen print contact paper

keeping everything totally angry


since how long is this continuous

for a car the color silver is least good

i like a favorite subject

i was just curious if there was anyone else out there

you scare, despite your fearless head and sour cream

jam is in a cup

you set me free

there was no school i wanted to do

the sky is a dark wonderful dark

outside the room is where do you stay at

i have been listening for hours, you aren’t returning

see you in the hell my dear

you have a nice set

you have a nice set up

i made the wall into part of myself

i am not from texas

oooh, sleigh bells

is this emilie

what is it called

hello is this emilie

i drink water and sleep

dream about, a plant to become

/person walking endless in a circle

incarnate under sunlight


in fact it is a need that produces a time

to walk beneath

to walk thru carnations

and bear the site of their event

i lay me down for the tenderness of ankles

the sounds are difficult to place

they come so quickly to my ears

but stay? for ever and ever on right

it expands

i look for chilled people in the chat

like a scrap, i swim up to the surface

the light was green and very reflective, and i was

i liked it


i rly like the music’s modern kick

in practical singing flies the cage apart

the universe is a garage


rag and gelid shrieks it past


i dislike slosh

to fill the guts you change it very rapidly

order and concentric,

all my evidence you must have been

a fine reference y’all just chill

stop to secure the cargo

belts and belt loops, we’re a couple

love and lay my

idek if you remember

reamer, slicer paper pepperoni andino

my biological grade is a b

not even a plus

that’s….so kind

these legs are so long

she has offered to help me make my surfaces

are you sure you don’t have a crush on her?

it sounds like y’all are interacting a lot

of the chex mix, let me know if i can be more helpful

clair de lung, yr kind of an expert

at this point








KIRSTEN IHNS is a recent graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and is currently a Ph.D. student and Neubauer Presidential Fellow in English Literature at the University of Chicago, where she studies texts that seem to want to be images, and works on the poetry staff of Chicago Review. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The Iowa Review, Black Warrior Review, TAGVVERK, The Offing, DREGINALD, Bennington Review, Vinyl, BOAAT, inter|rupture, and elsewhere, and her manuscript was a finalist for the 2018 Ahsahta Press Sawtooth Poetry Prize, and the 2018 Cleveland State University First Book Prize. She is from Atlanta, GA.