3 poems

Tray Ball



Blooming Through Nature


When you open your eyes, you see
nothing but flowers.
Breath in breath out.

All I smell is nothing but flowers.
When I close my eyes, I am at peace.

When I run, I feel as if I was the only
person there.
When I look at the sun, it resembles
the beautiful earth God created.

When I lay down in the grass, I feel
every winch of air.
When I pick a flower from the
beautiful, rich soil. And smell it
reminds me why I am living now.

Oh oh, nature, how beautiful you are.
And how thankful we are for you.





A Glance Through The Sunset


when you wake up to the sunset,
open your door and breath in the
fresh air.

look at your phone and see a
message from “motivation” makes
you feel great inside.

you look up get on your knees and
pray, and tell God thank you for
another day.

you just go on your porch or balcony
and you just sit and enjoy the fresh sun
and live life, it doesn’t get better than






What is hope?


What is hope? Hope can mean many
Things. It can mean that you have
Faith and that you believe in yourself.
Or you just uplift yourself, or just by
Spreading positivity around the world.
Faith = HOPE
Hope = Faith
Strong = Hope
Hope = Strong