2 poems

Niaya McCoy



Thank You Ma’am
         after Langston Hughes


Dear Ms. Jones,
              I want to thank you for all the positivity you put into my life, thank you ma’am. Thank you ma’am for cleaning me up when needed. The life lesson you once taught me in the past is not predicting and helping my future. Thank you ma’am for feeding me when no one else wanted to.







The History of Racism
tweet in response to Mystery of Iniquity and This is America


  • We are black
  • With most of our skin not attached
  • Swollen with scars bruises and more
  • Because our skin is not white
  • They think we are poor
  • As we go walking the streets unashamed
  • They call us beneath our name
  • What we are is not poor or broken
  • But a star that shines
  • If only they would understand