Three Poems

Alicia Wright


Lux Aurumque


The light we made

between   each other  

               gravity shone

through    fifty teen    

   singers   our choir


         reeding pure

   the grace note’s

call     the dissonance

between us wrapped

our vocal folds   our



each word   a gold slip

            in pitches


threaded   triads

   lips shaped by each

other’s echo’s kiss

            octaves in

staircases   warm

            heavy falling



    listen      a molten song

    undulating in the night

          would come for her

    in wreck     in dissonance

          My mouth flew

    open   no ocean’s

                 mussel shell



I heard no sound of mine



but in the choral     

form we held   each time

we sang   that glowing

inverted light   we recast

       her shape in sound



The Cloud of Unknowing, Chapter 50: What pure love is; and how for some people such sensory pleasures occur only seldom, and for others often.











Honey locust barb


magenta thorn

blood root piping


unbearing you

the twisted band


in grief smoke

your wound a grey


marginal fern

If your mother


a cardinal flower

should divide you


alternate leaf &

aureate stemming


sting the brain

voice & silence


bright circle brow

red edged flush


lead reedy limb

round suture suckle


mechanically train

your hooks into


you twining twin

liana roped helix


as you outgrow

the banded throat


& cicatrix succor



The Cloud of Unknowing, Chapter 29: A person should labour perseveringly in this work, and endure the pain it causes, and judge no one.










with a line from G.C. Waldrep




foglit in the electric

   laurel tracelimning pedal he



ravine sheens & glint we

            tonguerace handflint




in yarrow hollows   him grumbling

rolls through   the thorough

fares: our faces whitelit

            purr / round the lake





oiltarred     tracked pliant he

tresses compliant star it

   runs bent declining

dense engine widelip mar





hindfoot dell we woo’d

   he’ll trail      a lily twayblade

            exhausts to goneseed




lopseeding speeding horsepins







            bygone & blaze


The Cloud of Unknowing, Chapter 40: While performing this work, a soul has no special regard to any individual vice or virtue.







ALICIA WRIGHT is originally from Rome, Georgia. The recipient of fellowships from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, her poems appear or are forthcoming in Ecotone, Indiana Review, The Greensboro Review, Flag + Void, and Poetry Northwest, among others. At present, Alicia is a doctoral candidate in Creative Writing and Literature at the University of Denver.