Three Poems

Jessica B. Weisenfels



as we drive into the moon
the child draws out her sounds


calls it harvest 


a heterochromatic eye
filtering the plain darkness


her father keeps 
another homely wife
in his own sanctity


the minutiae is simple


when it unravels
we will ring our hands
in visible breath 
and silent accolade


how it is always better
when she can calculate 


the static limit
of a reasonable collapse




when you are awake and not awake
and calling out from my other life



a small voice in a long fall
the brief occasion of you



I am barefoot on the trailer floor
whole and moving in skin



the ache in my spine
trembling your trouble


the replication of lost things
the lower level events


I hold you near a whiter noise
than the safer place of speaking


punch drunk and counting
the continuity of your breath



like your toes
when you were born




the lunar motion
of us




there is time now
to write the names in voices


I was like this once


she wears a champagne dress
wraps mythical hysterics
below the movement of my eyes


deeply kind
and young 
and exchanging
a mortgage on sound


a plastic thumbtack
in a paper wall


on the county line
to songs he wrote
on a mortgage I paid


a champagne dress
a room of red books
a sixth bottle of wine


I was once like this


bent on bow strand 
for a neck that splits in two
a hundred years since
the thrill of spines
and the receding selves


“I saw you
in the corner booth”


sew it up with nickel strings
like a window on a swamp


the small precipice of lost control
where I nursed my daughters


we are on the floor
a second time


“are you dynamically opposed”


are you
of or pertaining to face or power
are you 
of or pertaining to force related to moment


are you the stretch of him
are you the hair like haystacks
are you like a body


“I am become
and all worlds”


I was like this


in a trailer house




and in Oklahoma the river burned


Jessica B. Weisenfels lives in rural Arkansas, where she accumulates chronic diseases and steals language from her children. Her work can be found in Sink Review, E-ratio, MadHat Lit, and a few other places.