Nicholas Alti

I’ve created an intangibility machine / I’m unsure of what it is / how to hold it / like affection /
a dwarf star / I’m hanging in existence ill / gratuitous nebulae / gargantuan ganglia / withdrawals
without reprieve / how might I ameliorate / could turn inward / disgorge / evaporate / morphine /
I wear osculum haberdashery / leak / indistinguishably / my gore from my health / Cartesian wilt
and here comes consecration / pirouetting across millennia / blessed be my cosmological guilt /
I’ve many medical detriments / in a sea of warm water / I limp broken still / in a sky of liminal
convalescent zephyrs / one must protect one’s head / modulation of respite / within an injection’s
radius / thermal iconoclasm / heaven again arises / such a meaningless fable / where is my dealer
when needed / dimebag Eucharist / the medium says I’ve lost my faith / predictable Catholicism /
this vessel’s encephalon is lackluster / this vessel is lackluster / in fact I could not lack better / let
spill an anomaly / sacred dysfunction / hieroglyphs of exit wounds / sprawled across my vertex /
rosemary apology / gardenia apologia / how can I give you / saturnalia / a scintilla / of elation
From the depths of the rural Midwest, NICHOLAS ALTI is a disabled depressive with trigeminal neuralgia, poor timing, and a modest criminal history. He enjoys all things nebulous and anomalous or otherwise bizarre. Recent yowls have found homes at Swamp Ape Review, PULP Literature, gaze, Always Crashing, and Grimoire. Nicholas is an assistant editor of poetry and fiction for Black Warrior Review.