[Prologue. before saying]

Joshua Bird

Prologue. before saying
                                                 There are events
                                                 A sky dislodged of its architecture
Added up there can be a whole
Mimesis of a Great Moth
I am jealous of the distance you have described. beyond
language. what have you been doing out here with the
high insects.
                      overgrown boundaries whisper to
your entertainment.
                                                          when you said make room
I razed a whole city night. with barren
hands. asking what occurs after a silent kind
JOSHUA BIRD is Joshua Bird is Joshua Bird. a poet hellbent on semantic saturation; or, how to estrange language. he confines his tendencies to solipsism, both in and out of short bios. also a contrary possibility. for more and/or less: joshuabirdpoetry.com