Megan Hall

I roused to watch you
fling fat into a bucket
of my day’s shorn body
wet with animal
in your meat room
perched my tender focus
when you lured
a cologne of decay
from that cooler vault
I crushed too close
while you slid your boning
knife over blazing muscle
into some helpless beast
pierced the barrier
joked yourself godly
I rushed to worship
learned to package
myself playing adult
under you
a girl’s challenge
to collect small altars
ticket stubs until
you felt I was prime
to feed my rare flesh
bleed out my youth
on your cutting board
Megan Lynn Hall is a poet, writing teacher, and cultural enthusiast who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in creative writing at The University of Southern Mississippi. In her endeavors to convey human experience through language, she considers ideas of womanhood as they relate to environment, empowerment, and generational progression.