Character Limits

Tyler Gobble

The twittering is one spiritual mishap         In my throat
         I blurt a liquid         post-beer gulp before the guttural
arrives solid         hunked like a horse’s butt         like heat
         escaping the crust of the pan         Here the floating
questions are validated urgent         What is under consideration
         is that limited character is that beep-boop investigation
into it as reaction         as the throat embodying the whole
         like a cake brimmed with blood
                 There are points where spillage is something
                 There are points in every click & blurt
                 There are points along every fragmentary axis
cataloging the dinner         sketching the renderings
         It is never a layer in         & then pause          Another layer future
tensed & tumbled         tumbling & we cross         fields of meaning
                 We elaborate hoaxes & jokes         cups of hot chocolate after the snow
                 We multiply the means of family making         the meaning of making a farm
                 We embed fissures into the key         We cross fields of horses
Excuses for a poor showing         include geographical estrangement
         meager access to fresh fruit         & high quality accounts of abuse elsewhere
as in baffling practices         like faith, marriage, etc.
         The scientist says         these are vibrations          of tending the lot
Blah-blah         What if I am the notion         of the midst         of the missed
         A fully entrenched rendering         of living beyond discretization
         A list of what you won’t find         among the digital blur
The beginning & the ingredients exiting their union
The meaning of becoming a historical objection
The feeling of grappling hooks & meat cleavers
The shining of the lunch counter
The physical manifestation of “to unravel”
The gesturing of every gesture from the rogue to the moon
The beginning of erosion & accretion
         i.e. this makes the Opposite the It
Note to node to pressure to again to gesture
         & from Minnesota comes vegan cookies
from Florida the vigilante wends through the rhythmic
         excess with his cat         In Carolina we enter
in any several directions         a body ruptured first & further
         an explosion of tongues         In Texas a fluctuating nerve
From Oregon we learn         how to say legality         without demonizing
         what is important         about eggs
                 The meaning as tending a timeline’s trajectory
                 The meaning as roaming
                 The meaning as the care-giver way over here
                 The meaning as the clear maroon hat in an otherwise fuzzy photo
& in time         we are the oddly conjoined construction site
         Time is shot over the disrupted sidewalks
Perhaps it reaches the dilated moon         each of us         the circulatory spaces
         & it is the meaning one translates         the statuses         the states
The potential is the here
Tyler Gobble is the host of Everything Is Bigger, a reading series in Austin, TX. He is currently a poetry fellow at the Michener Center for Writers. He has plopped out a chunk of chapbooks, and his first full-length collection, MORE WRECK MORE WRECK, is available from Coconut Books. He likes disc golf, sleeveless shirts, porches, and bacon.