The Crosses In Your Diamond Legs

Katherine Gibbel


grow overcast this morning germane


    to my love your quiet noises


  of and in the water


what I can’t quit I bring with me


    corrugated rock and orange daylilies


  like the skirt on Flaming June


and thank god for neither of us


    remember seeing her at the Frick


  so we can go together


and compare the sun to you


    James resplendent in mesh


  neon orange daylight


crowding out the clouds


    each temporary tattoo of the bird


  crossing the sky printed on our arms


filmy and obscure—riverlike in gesture


    stained with one streaky red


  the train completing this railroad apartment


somehow “in the country” which is to say


    its newness is all you


  the sand now turning as you say:


the cloud approaches the moon like a spaceship


KATHERINE GIBBEL’s poems have been published in Bat City Review, The Bennington Review, Gulf Coast Online, Underblong and elsewhere. She holds an MFA in poetry from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She has taught creative writing at the University of Iowa and Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.