We Have Gone Into the Light Where No Farmgrrl Has Ever Been

Brandi George

We have gone into the light where no farmgrrl has ever been we
have gone into the light into the mouths of horses into fire-breathing
mouths of trumpets the sound of fluttering wingless shadows
our body has gone into the light & there we are an abyss without color
falling patchwork gardens past gates of fire
into where dreams form in birth clouds in corpse fire
gunfire all our violence a shadow cast over angels
gathering dream orbs carefully with silkworm fingers &
placing them into the mouths of dragons into the mouths of horses
without hurrying they turn to us & form a circle their gowns of lavender pink
iridescent pills of light on threadbare garments
all our dirt abuse pain they pluck from us like eyebrow hairs
each one carried gingerly with glowing silkworm fingers
The gate closes with us inside a jungle of light
hair by hair where angels pick off our decay
after many days                 after many nights
the angels leave us                             a pure silkworm
when we ask “hello?” a chair appears                         & clothes
         bell bottoms                              a Tori Amos shirt
butterfly hair pins          all of which we put on slowly
twirling the sides of our long hair
into horn-buns
fuzzy pink slippers appear
now that we’re dressed we can ask questions
                                  “where am I? what is this place?”
but as we take our first step onto the road of light
we’re suddenly back in our bedroom
with CD cases Nine Inch Nails Korn Metallica scattered
black dresses fishnets gothic crosses platform boots
toast plates & cups
fine angels          fine
we’ll clean it first
Q&A with Death (written in lipstick):
               What swirls inside a hornet’s stinger? SONG
               who worms the wayward flight of doves? GALE
               are houseflies riddles locked in frog skin? WRONG
               what stocks the earth’s apothecary? VEIL
               what drums inside a horse’s hooves? LIGHT
               why do our mother’s eyebrows knit? HELL
               where dreamless does their conjure go? BLIGHT
               are souls a silly superstition? CELL
               where sleeps eternal afterglow? STINGER
               what’s mown inside the summer grass? GOD
               are you our sister sister sister? SISTER
               why faces upturned fragile wonder? SOD
               why are our questions honest crushed? THE SEA
               what chaos whispers every hollow? HYPHAE
When our bedroom is clean (except for the lipstick) we dissolve
into Christ’s brown eyes & the portal of angels’ trumpets
taped to the ceiling                            wearing our mother’s lingerie
all leaf-green lace & eyes shut against the sight
of the washer & dryer                    we turn our brain into a peony
full of ants            flames sewn onto our heels
Mycelium Emporex of Darkness               emerges from the mirror
We dance guitar-flung cosmic ruin
our feet interlace on vacuumed paths
we sunbeam            crucify
                 “take us with you”
They do not alter             do not break
Their stride & with a final twirl
we end up where we started
One afternoon we wake hungover
Mycelium Emporex of Darkness hovers
                                  “what’s Your name?” we ask
                                  “demon or angel?”
demon demon angel angel
hellbeing skybeing ethereal
 we can’t make out Their answer
                Their voice is wings beating
                               & rush of wind
we see Them
eyeflood clawfish
wavehorn fairytide
wonderterror    eyevagina
wingspark shadowrustle          mushroomfang
poisonopera       purple eyes with faces churning
unicorns caged inside Their
wonderterror                    Their see/sea
BRANDI GEORGE is the author of Gog (Black Lawrence Press, 2015) the play in verse, Faun (Plays Inverse, 2019), and The Nameless (Kernpunkt Press, forthcoming 2023). Her poems have recently appeared in American Poetry Review, Fence, and Orion. She teaches writing at FSW in Fort Myers, Florida.