Three Poems

Ruth Baumann

Inevitably bats gather in daylight
A cornucopia of bats / a heliopause of bats
Love was never simple so there are wars
But how impossible the task of target
A girl scrubs her wrists like a chalkboard
She knows no images will clear but
It’s best to try anyway


I stood inside my head until evicted
O Autumn with vertigo O Autumn underfoot
eating feet commanding Stay here
until red bellies turn yellow There
is a type of breathing that whispers
humans are interchangeable O Autumn
with a chorus O Autumn twirling
new voices from my throat The inner workings
are remarkable They spare nobody


In Florida porches drenched
with frogs & katydids Of course
green knows its turn Time ticks
into a chandelier I’ve always loved
to break glass Come on I do love
Say no more sunset I prefer fog
I need weather that fits in my fist


Ruth Baumann is a PhD student at Florida State University & holds an MFA from the University of Memphis. Her first chapbook, I’ll Love You Forever & Other Temporary Valentines, won the Salt Hill Dead Lake Chapbook Contest. Two other chapbooks are forthcoming: wildcold, from Slash Pines Press, & Retribution Binary, winner of the Black Lawrence Black River Chapbook Contest. Her website is