3 Poems

Miya Nixon



“Stop Gun Violence”


When I listen to This Is America
                it takes my mind back to
                                 gun violence and how everyone
                                                 used to kill everyone with guns.
                In Cleveland, my former classmate was
                arrested for gun violence or at least
                                          I think it was, well anyways
                he killed a two-year-old and is
                                being charged with murder. I think
                that young people should not have
                               guns, it’s not even legal for
                                                 them to have guns.








Golden Shovel


When I wake up, we,
as in my family, are always feeling very real.
As I go to school I feel very cool.
The beloved, the love that comes between we.
But I had already left.
Everyone thinks that only dorks go to school.
Her smile was as white as the color as we
were around the corner to lurk.
We were running late,
so there was a steady pace we
kept. Soon there was a corner to strike.
We kept going straight.
Soon we
started to sing.









After Alicia Nixon-Perry


My writing skills got better
     I learned how to cook
     And encouraged my siblings
to eat healthier.