YR: 38

Fall/Winter 2024


Lou Gardner
Kentucky Meat Shower
Lou Gardner
Royal Tar
Isabel Cristina Legarda
Kevin Clouther
Merrily Merrily


Sujash Purna
T-Shirts and Becoming
Jess Pulver
Fluid Twist of Life


Stella Wong
2 Poems
Michelle Donahue
To Grow A Fox (II)
Constance Hansen
Love Poem
Sophie Hall
2 Poems
Henry Goldkamp
puff puff


AMY RENEE WEBB is a Mississippi painter who grew up all over the state and currently calls the rural art colony of Water Valley, MS her home. She holds a BFA degree from the University of Mississippi. Her art captures scenes from everyday life with a focus on the shapes of light. Through oil painting and pastel drawing, her goal is to bring the ethereal into reality. Light appears in her work as a spiritual presence, whether it's in the form of vehicular headlights, street lamp glimmers, or bedroom lamps. In addition to her painting, Amy is an active member of the arts community, serving as Chair of the arts nonprofit IRIS, which provides a platform for local emerging artists in the form of regular pop-up exhibitions. You can find her work on Instagram Instagram and at amyreneewebb.com.