Yalobusha Review is a journal of new writing, founded in 1995 and operated by the graduate writing program at the University of Mississippi. We seek to showcase work that alters or subverts mainstream forms of expression–work that is, in a broad sense, experimental, though that can take many forms. We believe the reading experience should be a kinetic one, and to that end, we favor art that has its own source of energy, drawn from tonal individuality, linguistic texture, and above all, a sense of exploration.


We are a journal that publishes voices from around the world while also paying mind to the voices at home in our small Mississippi town. In September 2020, we launched the Letters to the Supervisors initiative to amplify the calls from local community members to take down the confederate statue on Oxford’s Square.


We are committed to being a space that celebrates emerging writers. We have been lucky to publish early work of writers we admire such as Carmen Maria Machado and Melissa Broder, among others.






Senior Editors • Victoria Hulbert & Marina Leigh


Poetry Editor • Marina Greenfeld


Fiction Editor • Vinh Hoang


Nonfiction Editor • Loren Samons


Interviews Editor • Conor Hultman


2022 Summer Issue Editors • Joshua Nguyen & Christy Conner


Poetry Readers • Andie Ferniany, Kimberly Kotel, Lenna Mendoza, Gabriel Mundo, & Mike Pontacoloni
Fiction Readers • Katie Downes, Homa Mojtabai, Christy Conner, Kacee McKinney, & Conor Hultman



Featured Artist


BLAIR HOBBS is a Senior Lecturer of Creative Writing at the University of Mississippi. Visual art was always a necessary form of communication, and her interest in storytelling led her to graduate with a BA in English literature from Auburn University. From there, she earned an MA in Creative Writing from Hollins University and an MFA in Creative Writing, with an emphasis in poetry, at the University of Michigan. Blair’s collages are linked to language and often include bits of hand-written texts. Typically, her bodies of work are narrative-driven and range from the mundane to the sublime. Her collages are mixed media on cotton canvases. Blair’s materials include pencils, acrylic paint, pens, ink, linoleum prints, handmade mulberry papers from Thailand and Japan, foil candy wrappers, gold leaf, duct (Duck) tape, oil pastels, sequins, embroidery thread, doilies, flea-market fabric, micro glitter, pressed flowers, feathers, and shattered Christmas tree balls. A variety of journals and magazines have published Blair’s poetry, most recently in The Oxford American’s 2020 “Place” issue. Her visual art has shown across the Southeast, most recently at Southside Gallery in Oxford, Mississippi; Fischer Gallery in Jackson, Mississippi; and Spalding Nix Fine Art in Atlanta, GA.




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