Yalobusha Review is a journal of new writing, founded in 1995 and operated by the graduate writing program at the University of Mississippi. We seek to showcase work that alters or subverts mainstream forms of expression–work that is, in a broad sense, experimental, though that takes many forms. We believe the reading experience should be a kinetic one, and to that end, we favor art that has its own source of energy, drawn from tonal individuality, linguistic texture, and above all, a sense of exploration.




Senior Editors • Helene Achanzar & Sarah Helen
Poetry Editor • Eric Delp
Fiction Editor • Bailey Moorhead
Media Editor • Lara Avery
Readers • Poetry: Andy Sia, Anne Carter Stowe, Joshua Nguyen, Kate Leland, Katherine Howell, Nick Sabo, Michael Martella, Linda Flynn

Fiction: Laura Wilson, Sarah Heying, Isabel Norwood, Shirin Hijab, Linda Masi, Linda Flynn

Webmaster • Andrew Dally



Featured Artist

Adam Jason Cohen (b. New Jersey, 1986) is a photographer currently living and working in Chicago, Illinois, documenting the city’s social landscape and human condition. After attending the BFA-Photography program at AIB-Lesley University, he found himself at home in Chicago, where he has lived the past decade. His work has been showcased in local and international publications, print and online, and exhibition. Adam produces limited edition books of his work in Chicago and is working on a number of large-scale bodies of work soon to be published.



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