Yalobusha Review is a journal of new writing, founded in 1995 and operated by the graduate writing program at the University of Mississippi. We seek to showcase work that alters or subverts mainstream forms of expression–work that is, in a broad sense, experimental, though that takes many forms. We believe the reading experience should be a kinetic one, and to that end, we favor art that has its own source of energy, drawn from tonal individuality, linguistic texture, and above all, a sense of exploration.




Senior Editors • Helene Achanzar & Sarah Huddleston
Managing Editor •
Poetry Editor • Eric Delp
Fiction Editor • Bailey Moorhead
Media Coordinator •



Featured Artist

YR:27 artwork courtesy of Tess Beauchamp-Rheault. Tess Beauchamp-Rheault is a painter out of Portland, OR. Her work investigates gender, race and the physiological state through interior spaces. She received her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Oregon College of Art and Craft where she was a Gamblin Paint Awardee and received the Lemelson Scholarship. 



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